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This course will detail the process for installing and configuring the OHDSI Atlas/WebAPI applications and setting up R.

This Course provides instructions how to use the EHDEN Academy and offers a forum to ask questions about functionality of the tool.

Questions about course content should be placed in the specific course forum

Provides an overview of the EHDEN project including a high-level summary of its various components which will be further detailed in subsequent training modules.

Topics include:

  • Overview of IMI and related initiatives
  • Principles of a federated network and protection of data privacy
  • EHDEN best practices and SOPs
  • EHDEN code of conduct
  • Overview of OHDSI
  • High-level summary of OMOP Common Data Model and standardized vocabularies
  • High-level summary of OHDSI tools ecosystem (e.g. what tools will be used during ETL and deployed at data partners)
  • Recommended strategies for SME planning and engagement with data partners
  • introduction for each required training modules (technical infrastructure design, ETL design, ETL implementation, vocabulary mapping, Data quality assessment, OHDSI tool deployment, OHDSI tool use)
  • SME roles and responsibilities, including certification requirements

This course will train you on the basic principles of the OMOP-CDM and the Standardised Vocabularies.